Kumba Team

Meet the Team


Ngwane Peter, Founder and Chief Operations Officer; M.A.S. – University of Douala; Administrator at University of Bamenda

As the co-founder of Cameroon FDP, Peter is a major driving force behind the organization. From the start, Peter has worked to raise up a new generation of Cameroonian leaders. In the future, Peter hopes to obtain a M.S. in Sustainable Development.




Ekoi Nenne, Acting Director of Operations and Program Manager;

M.S. University of Yaounde II, Diploma – Chartered Institute of Marketing
I became involved with CameroonFDP through Peter Ngwane, the Cameroon coordinator. I was particularly influenced by the age group between 12-18 years old; my passion is to work with these youths.
I am a holder of a Bachelor’s Degree in English Private Law from the University of Yaoundé II Soa. I also have a diploma in Business Law (Maitrise), as well as a diploma in Marketing from the Standard Institute of Marketing.
CameroonFDP has come to transform the youths in Kumba and within the next five years we shall spread throughout the country and hopefully extend internationally. We need leaders who will be of good moral standard because we know that the youths are the future leaders of tomorrow.

Sumelong KillianSumelong Killian, Manager of School-based League, Kumba; Government Bilingual Teachers Training College Kumba; 

I am a holder of the Advance Level Certificate and a trained grade one teacher. I believe in CameroonFDP because I have seen the progress that it has already made and the positive changes that the program is making on the
lives of the youths participating in the sessions. I got involved with CameroonFDP when Peter told me about the mission of the program.  Because it involves youths, I was interested to be part of it from the start.  I soon realized that CameroonFDP is there to stay and help youths in our municipality build a brighter future.

During my free time, I like spending time with youths to find out their problems and educate them.

AshusmallerTakang Ashu, Program Administrator; B.S. – University of Buea; Proprietor of Cocoa Farms

I first learned of the CameroonFDP when Peter, the country director, told me what he and Justin had conceived about helping out Cameroonians through football. Being someone who has worked with youths under the health sector as a community relay health agent attached to Kumba, I immediately fell in love with the program.

I am a B.S. Certificate holder, a trained community health agent and I have undergone several training sessions with CameroonFDP in building my capacity as a youth advocate.

During my free time, I enjoy farming.  I often go to the farm when I am free and I also do a lot of reading.

CarolineAkom Caroline, Acting Director of Finance and Youth Impact Manager; Advanced Level – PCHS Bamenda; Self Employed at Coco by Caro (national snacks distributor)

I am a holder of the Advance Level Certificateand I have undergone computer training. I have also undergone training in capacity building through CameroonFDP.

CameroonFDP has drastically changed me.  Before CameroonFDP, I was a shy person; I was unable to talk in a crowed area and I did not have much confidence in myself.  Today, however, I am a different person who is bold and can face a crowded room, thanks to CameroonFDP.

In my free time, I love reading, singing and dancing.

Ngoeh Lobe WallaceNgoeh Lobe Wallace, Logistics and Impact Coordinator; CCAS Kumba;

 I joined CFDP in June of 2010 after meeting Justin and Peter Ngwane.  Shortly thereafter, I enrolled as a volunteer in the program because of my deep interest in seeing Cameroonian youths make good decisions and do the right things at their age.

I am a holder of the General Certificate GCE Advance Level. My background as a youth advocate and the many different training programs that I have been through improves my capacity to tackle the task that we are facing.

During my free time, I watch football matches – my favourite team is Manchester City –  and read books on coaching football.