Donate Equipment

Seton Hill University donates jerseys in 2012.

For many youth in Africa, “football is life.” Substandard, dirt soccer fields and ‘local’ soccer balls made from unconventional materials are the norm.

Real soccer shoes? A luxury for many.

Soccer equipment is a vital part of the foundation of our educational soccer leagues in Cameroon. Without this gear, our youth cannot play. Soccer equipment is used as an incentive and reward for individuals who serve as leaders, mentors, and role models.

We encourage our friends from the US to get involved by organizing an equipment drive and awareness campaign to help our youth in Cameroon. 

Currently, we need the following new and gently used equipment:

  1. Team Sets of Soccer Jerseys (Youth and Adult Sizes)
  2. Soccer Balls
  3. Adult size (8-12) soccer shoes 
  4. Coaching Equipment
  5. Referee Equipment
  6. Team Training Equipment – pinnies, cones, etc.

Please contact us if you want to get involved!  

We ask that supporting groups help defray the the cost of shipping equipment to Cameroon. It costs $350 to send a barrel of equipment from Pittsburgh to Cameroon. Many thanks for your support!