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Photos of David in the CameroonFDP office from when he was a younger participant

I started playing football when I was like 4 or 5 years old. Back then we used to play with no shoes in the streets of our quarter. It’s not that I didn’t have shoes, because I did. I just didn’t own soccer shoes back then and neither did anyone else in my area. So usually we took our shoes off so we don’t destroy them and later get a beating by our parents. We used to just come together, a group of kids around 5 to 10 of us, and just organize games and play for hours. We loved the game of football so much that we didn’t need people organizing stuff for us. We just went out and played.

David training at GPS field in Kumba town.

I played a few high level competitions between the age of 12 and 14. The Brasseries Top Cup was the highest – or at least most “organized” youth football showcase in Cameroon at the time. We had to walk more than 2 miles to and from the field to play games everyday for 2 weeks. Because we played everyday, […] Continue Reading…

CameroonFDP United U-16 boys on the bus from the airport!

8 boys and Coach Wallace left Cameroon in early August for this first trip outside of Africa! Their first trip out of Cameroon was earlier in the week when they traveled to the Bulgarian Embassy in Abuja, Nigeria to get their visas to travel. Needless to say, this was an exciting opportunity for everyone involved to have the trip of a lifetime!

CameroonFDP United Representing Cameroon at the 2018 SATUC World Cup

SATUC (Sheikha Al-Thani Tournament for Under-privileged Children) is an epic gathering of youth from across the world to celebrate the power of football (soccer) to inspire change in their lives. The second edition of the World Cup-style tournament (the first one was held in Egypt in 2015) featured 16 teams of boys ranging in age from 13-16 from around the world. The tournament hosts sponsored the entire trip (airfare, hotel, ground transport, food, etc.), so there were little expenses which CameroonFDP incurred. 

CameroonFDP United vs. Nigeria

The CameroonFDP United team came ready to play! They lost their first match 1-0 against Mexico and then moved on to crush Indonesia 10-1. The quarterfinal stage was next and the team representing our neighbor, Nigeria, was […] Continue Reading…

Party in the Park

22 April 2018

Join us at our 3rd Party in the Park to celebrate the official launching of the new and improved PLAY4PURPOSE initiative of CameroonFDP.
Enjoy delicious grilled food, sides, drinks, music, and games while supporting our unique approach to create global impact through sport.
This is a family-friendly event and we welcome donations of soccer balls, cones, pinnies, and gently used soccer jerseys. Click here to get tickets!


29 November 2017

Paris staint Germaine
Forzano FC
Legend FC
Collins FC
This was an exciting pool the competition was very stiff and the man of the match Zebedi Kemern from Legend FC Kosala participated in this pool, after several matches Forzano FC emerged as the champion coincidentally there carry the name of the chief executive officer of CameroonFDP. Talent win games, but teamwork and intelligence produce champions.


29 November 2017

Young strikers
Chelsea FC
Martin Luther
Youth Council FC.
40 youths aged 12 to 14yrs participated in this pool. Despite the intensity of the sun the kids were anxious and eager to challenge each other in a more competitive spirit. The anxiety was huge especially as they were dressed with branded equipment’s; the youths were so fluent during the reading of the theme which was based on #PLAY4PURPOSE Ambassadorship through youth governance. The 5V5 tournament format is a perfect platform for all the youths from each community to participate and exchange knowledge and skills amongst themselves

CameroonFDP #PLAY4PURPOSE 5V5 tournament was a one- day tournament full of fun, which attracted eight teams from four communities; Kumba town, Meta Quarters, Kosala and Nkamlikum, for an exciting fast paced event. The event started at 8am with all the teams present and dressed with branded equipments thanks to our donors. The teams were drown in two pools/groups, with four teams on each pool/group; A and B respectively.
What I love most about the event is that it gets the youth participants ready for the next level. With more than just soccer being the motivation. The next level which is the mini super cup is going to set the foundation for competitive engagement. This kind of competition at this level is giving you everything to be prepared. After play for three hours with several breaks Forzano FC from kumba town emerged first in group B and Martin Luther FC from Kumba Town in group A . Overall was one of the best tournaments we’ve attended because it was low commitment, low stress, and clear on what kind of tournament it wanted to be.”

This year, Nde Nde Junior and Pewahe Junior were selected as youth Referee and Match Delegate from Kosala community for the #PLAY4PURPOSE league. Both were selected after nomination for the achievements on and off the field from over 50 youths in Kosala. Pewahe and Nde are seen as role models among their peers and are doing exceptionally well academically and have both taken part in all community service projects. We are very proud of their dedication and we hope and wish them well as they take this new challenge as referee and match delegate throughout the tournament and into their adult lives with passion

The recruitment of youths outside of school activities and the implementation of bi weekly football base programs in the communities we work with, has greatly improved the relationship between the organization and community stakeholders. Seen as more than just a football organization, CameroonFDP approach in using basic life skills and football drills in a well structured curriculum as a practical approach in changing the lives of the youths has finally gotten community buy-in. The impact so far has created a network for exchange of ideas and feedback between staff, the youth and the parents of the youth participants. As part of youth leadership development, the initiation of the youth governance council is actually a welcome initiative. The existence of a well structured curriculum, a functional youth governance council, the training of trainers and the ongoing league in all four communities, is effectively fulfill our mission in empowering communities and changing lives. Equally, several community service projects carried out by the youths through the youth governance council our youths, has helped a great deal to solidify community partnerships.

Here at CameroonFDP office, strategic planning and programming as well as implementation of plans has kept all staff and peer educators really busy! Primary focus was on Training of Trainers (TOT) whom we collectively refer to as Peer Educators; Youth Coaches, Referees and Match Delegates for our #Play4purpose league. The criteria for selecting Peer Educators included personal development, promotion of the game and community involvement. Our peer leaders after the #PLAY4PURPOSE TOT could not wait to kick start the league with community base tournament in four communities; Kosala, Nkamlikum, Kumba Town, and Meta quarters respectively. The Kick off last Monday in kosala was spectacular, Kabate (Nkamlikum), Metta Quarter and Kumba Town will follow suit.

Tournaments are a great way to test your ability, experience different play styles from opponents and showcase your skills, taking part requires one key element, a team. Meta quarters had four teams, C- Lions, Collins FC, Real Madrid and Young strikers compete amongst each other on 5V5 tournaments , the competition was fun and very interesting. The youths were very anxious to emerged champions at the end of the competition young strikers and Collins FC were champions and will be privileged to participate in the upcoming football festival that will take place on Saturday 25th Nov 2017.