2015 Super Cup to Develop Young Leaders

Winning Super Cup Campaign

A life-changing experience for youth soccer players & coaches from 5 communities in Cameroon, Africa

Thanks to the generous donations from our supporters, we raised $10,000 in 30 days (July-August 2015) to support this Super Cup, laying the foundation for a sustainable initiative in each of the 5 communities with boys’ and girls’ soccer leagues on the horizon thanks to our efforts today.

Just learning about the campaign? It’s not too late! You can support our innovative approach to community development through sport to see that youth benefit long after the Super Cup with a tax-deductible donation here. 

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From August  6-8th, CameroonFDP created a life-changing experience for coaches and players with our First Annual Super Cup, an epic event to bring coaches and players, six teams total, from five different communities across Cameroon, Africa together for a weekend of soccer and leadership workshops.

Huddle at Super Cup

As part of the experience, each team returned home to complete community service activities, creating an opportunity for youth to showcase their leadership skills within their soccer club and benefit hundreds of members of their village, town, or city. Read the full story on our blog.


Brescia FC, of Kumba, take the Super Cup!

The Super Cup is the beginning, and succeeded to achieve the following:

  • Provide educational experiences for 50 players and coaches through leadership workshops and an organized soccer tournament
  • Support community service learning projects as follow-up activities
  • Directly impact 50 players and coaches with an life-altering experience
  • Directly impact more than 100 players upon return to clubs
  • Indirectly impact hundreds of peers in other soccer clubs and members of the local community members support community service learning projects in 5 communities after the event

Our innovative approach to sport for development promotes education and community development through youth soccer leagues in Kumba, Mamfe, and Ndom in the Southwest Region and Ndu and Bamenda in the Northwest Region.We create learning experiences for hundreds of youth with the game of soccer to develop leadership and life skills, promote gender equity, and prevent the spread of HIV in Cameroon, Africa.

Leadership Workshop

We are already planning the Super Cup 2016. We look forward to inviting corporate sponsors from across the globe to be a part of this experience. Please contact us to get more information. This event was covered by the Times Journal and the Eden Newspaper in Bamenda

If you wish to support our work and make a donation, please visit the Donate Page on our website.