Sponsor a Team

Sponsor a Team and provide positive experiences and educational value to youth on  and off the soccer field.


When you sponsor a team, you directly impact the lives of 15-20 young players and their coach.

Teams gain much-needed equipment, coaches training, access to soccer festivals and competitions, and other benefits off the soccer field that drive positive change in the community where the team comes from.


Players between the ages of 12-16 participate in engaging activities all year long – from after-school training sessions to weekend and holiday soccer festivals. They play in friendly matches, local competitions, and regional tournaments. Every game they play in has an educational message – it’s about more than soccer. They gain access to peer leadership training, scholarships, and community service opportunities. 


Every time players come to the field they learn something – from their coach, the referee, or our professional staff who serve as match delegates and support at training sessions at the neighborhood field. And this is just the beginning of what is possible.


What do you, as a sponsor, gain?

Know that you are literally changing the lives of youth who would have never had this opportunity. You receive regular updates from your team that include pictures, videos, match results, and stories from the field. Follow along your team in competitions and see how players perform in the classroom and in the community as well.

Companies who sponsor teams will benefit from logo placement on our website, in our newsletter along with curated content, and integration in our social media marketing.

Our sponsors get connected with individuals and other businesses who believe in the power of sport to impact lives across the globe. 

Contact us today to Sponsor a Team.