Our Model


CameroonFDP employs a innovative approach to Football for Good that educates and empowers  youth. We create triple impact in communities in Cameroon by supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):

  • HEALTH (SDG 3): Essential life skills and critical health education for youth participants ages 10-16
  • EDUCATION (SDG 4): Peer educator training, good governance experience, and academic scholarships for player-coaches ages 14-16 who act as mentors and role models
  • INCLUSIVE ECOMOMIC GROWTH (SDG 8) Part-time employment and job skills training for young adults ages 17+  who serve as community leaders

Our CORE VALUES and how they are integrated On the Field. These core values guide everything we do. With our approach to Football for Good, every football session and match has a purpose.

1. BE PREPARED – Show up on time and ready to play
2. BE A TEAM PLAYER- Warm up as a team
3. EDUCATE YOURSELF – Answer PURPOSE questions from the referee/community leader
4. RESPECT OTHERS – Shake hands with opponents
5. PLAY FAIR – Observe the rules; play without fouls
6. BE A ROLE MODEL – Read/listen to PURPOSE statement by peers
7. ELEVATE YOUR COMMUNITY – After the game/session, carry the message home

Our goal is to create a framework to scale and grow our model across Cameroon.