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2013 has been a banner year for the Cameroon Football Development Program.  We have been able to reach hundreds of youth around Kumba though our weekly after school sessions at our twelve partner schools as well as our regular individual camps that condense our health and leadership lesson plans into a day filled with football, friends, and fun. Looking forward into this year, we know we can reach even more at-risk youth by expanding into more communities and partnering with new NGOs and community development organizations in Cameroon.  To get this done, we need your help!

We invite everyone to join our team and Get in the Game to support kids health education and sports programs in West Africa with us. Consider some of these different levels of sponsorship!

Make a Contribution

A contribution at any level goes a long way towards eradicating HIV/AIDS and building a better life for Cameroonian kids by helping get critical education programs into their hands.  Become an all-star member of CFDP at any one of our named membership levels.

  • $10- Quartier All-Star: Quartiers (neighborhoods) serve as the foundation for larger teams around town.
  • $25- Kumba All-Star: Named after our hometown, members of the Kumba all-stars support a student’s participation in a semester’s worth of after-school CFDP sessions for less than the cost of a tank of gas!
  • $50- Meme Divisional All-Star: Meme (home to Kumba) competes against other divisions in the Southwest.  Members of our Meme divisional squad sponsor an entire year of CFDP learning for one student for less than a dollar a week.
  • $100- Buea City All-Star: The highest point in West Africa, Mt. Cameroon, is an active volcano in this beautiful city.
  • $150- Southwest Regional All-Star: Our regional team is really in the big leagues now- Cameroon Premiership!
  • $250- Yaoundé Capital All-Star: Just like the new stadium being built in Cameroon’s capital, members our our Capital All-Stars sponsor a day camp for 50 youth named in your honor!
  • $500- Indomitable Lions: Our highest membership level is named after the national team of Cameroon. Our Indomitable Lions reach can over 100 youth with their gift!

We hope you’ll contribute whatever amount works for you. Click here to join the team!

Everyone Loves a Good T-Shirt!

Looking for a unique, creative way to share CFDP with your own community? Check out this amazing concept that our friends at Wheeling Central Catholic High School came up with! For every t-shirt they sold, one will be sent to a youth in Cameroon.  They struck a great deal with the t-shirt screening company so profits from each t-shirt sold will sponsor a day-long educational youth soccer camp in May! The students and families of Wheeling Central will have a direct impact on the lives of more than 100 youth. Read more here!


Participate in The Change Project

The Change Project is a new CFDP initiative that uses small change to create BIG changes! We partner with businesses, schools, and individuals to collect the spare change that’s sitting around in jars or weighing down pockets and use it to help teach Cameroonian youth about HIV/AIDS prevention and leadership skills.  The Change Project is a fantastic way to get colleagues, co-workers, and kids involved in philanthropy and have fun at the same time.  Here’s how it works:

1. Choose your audience: The Change Project is the most fun when lots of people get involved.  An office, classroom, or storefront is the perfect place to get started.

2. Choose your game: There are tons of different ways to get involved with The Change Project, like:

  • The “Standard Issue”– Put a change jar out in your office and encourage your co-workers to support education for African youth.
  • The “Swear Jar”– Trying to cut down on a bad habit in time for the new year? Throw a quarter aside for CFDP every time you slip up and you’ll be well on your way to starting 2012 off on the right foot while helping out a great cause!
  • The “Penny War”– One of our personal favorites. Teams compete to collect as many pennies as they can.  Points are deducted for any non-penny coins in the jar.  Sabotage by loading other change into opponents jars is highly encouraged!

3. Collect change for change!

4. Take your change to the bank (unfortunately, we can’t accept donations of actual coins), convert it to a paper form (cash, check, etc.), and send it along to CFDP. Please email us if you need any help.

We are happy to highlight Change Project partners on our blog.  Please let us know how you’re using change to create change and you might just see yourself in a future post!

Looking for more ways to fund raise?

Here are a few suggestions…

The Beautiful Game – Organize a charity soccer game or tournament to benefit a school or soccer team in Cameroon!

Buy One Give One – Design a t-shirt and sell to friends in your community. Score a deal with the printer (we can help with that) and for every t-shirt you sell, another one can be printed and shipped to Cameroon for a participating boy or girl.

Band Together – We have some cool CFDP bands – red, yellow, and green. Take the initiative to sell to your fellow students, teammates, or congregation. At $2 a pop -they are a steal. Sell for $3 as a fundraiser for your own group.

The Change Project – Our signature project turns loose, spare change into real, positive change for youth in Kumba. Read more below to see how this one works.

Think Outside the Box! – We know you can do it – and we are happy to help. All it takes is one person to change the world!

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